Supplying Artwork

     PDF Files

All artwork should be supplied at 300dpi resolution. It is important that you prepare your PDF file in the correct way to ensure your artwork is printed at the highest possible quality.

Please ensure that the following settings are used

  • Resolution - choose high resolution (300dpi)
  • Compression Settings - for colour and greyscale this should be set as “Do Not Downsample”
  • Font Embedding - should be set to “embed all fonts”

Colour needs to be set as CMYK not RGB as this could affect the colour accuracy of your print job.

     Illustrator Files

Include all embedded images and convert all text to curves. Save as an EPS file.

     Photoshop Files

Set resolution to 300 dpi when starting your new document. Save file as either TIFF, JPG or PSD. Should any changes need to be done we will require you to provide the original PSD file as we will be unable to make changes to flattened images.

     InDesign Files

Please ensure all fonts and pictures used in your artwork are supplied to us in a separate folder using the “package” function under the “file” menu. Compress the document using stuffit or winzip before uploading to sending your artwork via email.

Please also include a PDF so we are able to check that nothing is missing or moved on the artwork you have supplied.

     Microsoft Documents

Any document produced in the following packages must be converted to PDF to printing using the guidelines listed in the PDF file section above.

  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Microsoft Publisher
  • Microsoft Works

Artwork Bleed

It is essential that there is a minimum 3mm bleed around your artwork. This is for cutting purposes. For example: A4 size would be 216mm x 303mm. Save your artwork as any of the above formats. Please note that there is a 2mm tolerance for cutting on all jobs so please ensure text or important imagery which needs to be seen is not too close to the edge of your artwork.


Should you need your artwork proofing prior to printing then our in-house design team can offer a proofing service at an additional cost of £40 ex VAT

Need Help?

Following these guidelines ensures that there will be no delays with your printing. If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to call our design team on 01527 526 186 who will be more than willing to help