05 Oct

Business cards play a key role in a photographer’s career. They are an important means of representing yourself, your work and your creativity to potential clients.  There are many elements that go into creating the perfect business card, from paper type to the layout of information. 

Please take a look at our handy guide for creating a business card that truly reflects your style and passion.

 4 things to keep in mind before getting started

1. Apply skills used in photography and apply it to your business card design
The composition of your card should mirror your photographic style.  Ensure that all of the important information is included on the card and is easily readable.  The layout should inspire and encourage a potential client to contact you to find out more about your work.

2. Showcase your photography
Give customers a look into your work by adding a sample or collage of your photography on your business card and give them a taste of your talent.

3. Complement your design with graphics
While your photography should take centre stage accenting your design with bold graphics can sometimes help your business card stand out from the crowd.  If used correctly it can even replace your imagery altogether creating a more abstract representation of your work.

4. Keep the message simple
Keep your message simple and do not over-clutter your business card with lots of information.  Ensure that the business card informs the potential client at a glance what type of work you do and let the imagery do the rest.  Arrange your contact details on individual lines so clients can scan and find contact details easily..

Great business card ideas for photographers

Consider the material type, design style and finish

With a wide range of materials and printing methods to choose from, PSW can create a business card to truly reflect your style and do justice to your photography.  Here are just a few options that are available from us.

Spot UV Business Cards
Printed on a premium heavyweight card, elements of your design can be highlighted with a gloss laminate to draw attention to key areas.  This elegant option gives an exceptionally luxurious and highly tactile finish making it the perfect choice for wedding and corporate photographers alike.

Triple Layer Business Cards
Using a multi-layering binding technique this luxurious business card design contains a coloured centre that can accent design aspects of your business card.   Perfect for photographers who want to make a good first impression and add a bit of style to their design.

Textured Business Cards
Add a touch of refinement and sophistication to your design with a business card made from conventional art paper.   It’s the distinctive look and subtlety textured surface brings portraiture and fine art photography to life.

Recycled Business Cards
Recycled business cards are a great environmentally friendly alternative to the standard business card.   If you specialise in nature photography or wish to emphasise your brand as eco-conscious, this choice works wonders to life.

Feeling inspired?  Browse even more business card ideas and with our extensive portfolio online by clicking here.