30 Sep

Design a great poster and you will capture the imagination of passers-by.  Whether it’s simple or complex, colourful or understated, if you design a poster right, your target market will take notice.  Please take a look at our handy guide for mastering the perfect poster design.

 Tips for creating the perfect poster design

1. Have an idea clear in your mind
Before starting to design your poster you must first know what message you need to get across.  Always remember that great poster design is not only about aesthetics and beauty, it is about the idea that goes along with it.

2. Colour
Colour, when used correctly, can evoke a range of different emotions, warm colours such as red and orange portray excitement and vibrancy, cool colours such as green and blue spark feelings of calm and peace.  Whatever you are trying to promote choose a colour that evokes the emotion you want your audience to feel. 

3. Size and shape
Consider where your poster is going to be displayed when picking an orientation and size of your print.  If you are promoting events, products or services or need to convey a lot of information to a target audience then a portrait orientation would be more suitable.

4. Paper type
The paper used to print your poster can also convey a lot about what you are trying to promote.  Consider using different materials and finishes to create an interesting and unique look that attracts the attention of passers-by.

5. Illustrations
Using illustrations in poster design is a creative and impactful way to advertise.  When designing your poster please consider your colour choices and composition as a well thought out and balanced design can create a look that is hard to miss.

6. Photography
Great photography can convey a lot of information at a glance and adds credibility to your advertising.  To create drama please consider using photography that is in or out of focus to give more weight to the text.

7. Fonts
When deciding what font best fits your poster design, you need to ensure that it's readable from a distance.  To draw someone's attention to detail, opt for a bolder font or highlight with a contrasting colour.  To ensure that your design looks professional never use more than three font styles throughout your poster design.

Inspired by our poster ideas?  At PSW, we can make your dream design a reality.  We have a huge range of poster sizes, finishes paper types and much more.  Whatever you are advertising, we can help you create attention-grabbing designs.